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PBJ’s Grilled Review

They say the most important meal of the day is breakfast, and depending on what you eat, your day could start on a high note. And in every American’s home, there had to be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches ready to feast.

As you grow older, PB&J seems like it has its time frame, and we lean to various options for snacking. I recently stumbled across this fantastic restaurant that appeared to revive the good old PB&J days.

PBJ’s Grilled caters to sophisticated pallets bringing up different tastes of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Witty, but still worth reviewing. Scroll on as we find out is PBJ’s Grilled cuts with its old classic approach.

What is PBJ’s Grilled?

PBJ’s started in 2009 as a food truck company and later on converted to a brick and mortar store at Pearl District, 611 Northwest 13th Ave. The company was conceptualized and founded by Keena and Shane after moving from Vegas a few years back. As it was still a food truck company back then, PBJ’s survived on local festivals with tasty treats. Later on, the company became a local store and maintained its unique cuisine menu.

PBJ’s outsources from local vendors such as Gabriel’s Bakery for bread, Rogue Creamery for cheese, and excellent jams from Misty Meadow. The company also gets its fresh produce from local farmers and markets, which they value vegetarian or vegan options. Scrumptious sandwiches fill the restaurant’s ambiance when you step in, and each taste fights for its spot in the unique array of flavors.

In each sandwich special at PBJ’s Grilled, you’ll get an equal mix of sweet, spicy, savory, tangy, and just about anything in between. Be warned. Some sandwich dishes may look average, but the tastes will instantly spike your taste buds’ Don’t be surprised if you walk out with a belly full of three or more.

What Does The Menu At PBJ’s Grilled? 

Generally, PBJ’s has a breakfast kind of menu with infused local flavors sourced from within. The variety of sandwiches has signature dishes with names like Hot Hood, exotic Spicy, among others. All these meals are carefully prepared and even cater to vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. Just tell them your preferred choice, and they will bombard you with a list of vegan sandwiches.

PBJ’s try to go organic with all their meals with high-quality additions and ingredients. There’s also milk available on order- but not your regular dairy milk, of course! Think of something like almond-coconut milk drinks. And oh, there’s also a couple of sides to top off any sandwich meal you grab on the menu.

Here are a couple of sandwiches that caught my interest:

The Italian

PBJ’s takes you through a ride to the European country with rich Italian flavors. The Italian has a distinct savory tone with tangy flavors created by the basil cherry tomato jam and pine nut butter. You can choose to add a little cheese or other sides to this snack. It is also neatly presented, and you can easily recognize the Italian in its presentation.

The Red Eye

Next, we have the Red Eye. Another witty creation from PBJ’s that promises an energetic day ahead. It is a superb alternative when you feel you’re running late and just can’t stopover at a coffee shop to grab something. The Red Eye has a distinct bitter taste but quickly sweetened by the chocolate raspberry jam. The bitter taste comes from crunchy BulletProof coffee bits and its mixed, or somewhat blended, creamy peanut butter. The sandwich addition is a great alternative to kick-start your day or give you a quick boost on a gloomy afternoon.

The Old School

This is the meal that made PBJ’s go viral. It is a simple sandwich and looks pretty the same as any PB & J at home. But as we all know, looks can be deceiving at times. First, they use organic peanut butter, and it gives the sandwich a creamy texture. The peanut butter is either paired with strawberry jelly or grape to sweeten things up. The taste is spot on! Each bite of this beauty instantly takes me back to my childhood days.

Spicy Thai

The Old School was not the only dish at PBJ’s that got a lot of attention. The sandwich guru also has a Spicy Thai selection that grew so popular; it was featured on the Food Network. Ingredients are indeed spicy, so be prepared for some tingling sensation. The Spicy Thai is a crispy coconut shrimp and challah bread.

Though it doesn’t replicate this company’s sandwich nature, Spicy Thai is still a favorite amongst many, and you can’t overlook the crunchy bread doused in curry, basil, sriracha, and orange marmalade. It is an all-day sort of snack, and you can have it at any time of the day. Just make sure you find a good excuse to hop around 23rd street.

PBJ’s Burger

The Burger is one of the higher-priced dishes at PBJ’s, and it has wasabi peanut butter as one of the main ingredients in this dish. Perhaps it’s the medium-well beef patty that adds a protein source and can easily substitute a quick lunch. The Burger also has apple slaw and sage garlic, which, honestly, adds a little to its taste and more pronounced texture. It’s still a fantastic selection, and the spices blend well with the beef patty.

Smoked Goat

The smoked goat also came in on the higher end but had an excellent taste to it. You can easily make it vegetarian by switching the bacon for a fried egg at an extra $1.5. The eggs will still blend well with goat cheese and the apricot jam and almond butter added to this dish. The kalamata olive bread sucks all the juicy tastes and completes this dish as a sweet and savory choice.

The Extras

Apart from the foods offered, PBJ’s also comes with extra accompaniments worth noting- the almond milk and purple potato chips. 

Yes. These colored snacks are one of the restaurant’s favorites and home-made with enough antioxidants and the right amount of salt. It’s indeed a healthier way to take your snacks. The almond milk is also home-made and comes in four different flavors. These include Peruvian cocoa, cafe au lait, Vanilla lavender, and strawberry. Take your sandwich to another level with the almond milk.  

Other meals offered at PBJ’s include: 

  • New School 
  • Indian 
  • Superfood 
  • Chocolate Haze 
  • Cinnamon Sugar Botes 
  • Iced Yuzu Matcha 
  • Sun Up 
  • And Many More! 

PBJ’s Grilled Pricing

PBJ’s menus come at a relatively affordable cost. While the menu consists of unique flavors, they are not as exotic to raise the markups for sandwiches. Foods range from $5 to $14 at the very least. Here’s how the prices at PBJ’s look like:

Sample Menu Price 
Smoking Goat. Kalamata olive bread, pbj’s almond butter apple wood smoked bacon, goat cheese, apricot jam $12
Spicy Thai. Challah bread, pbj’s peanut butter, sriracha, fresh basil, orange marmalade, curry.$13
PBJ’s Burger. Wasabi peanut butter, apple slaw, sage garlic aioli. $13
The Joy. Challah bread, PBJ’s dark chocolate spread, PBJ’s coconut filling, almond butter.$5.50 
Sweet Tart. Challah bread, white chocolate chips, unsweetened cranberry jam, PBJ’s peanut butter. $6

Pros And Cons


PBJ’s has been in the industry for two years, and while it’s still a young company, it has managed to awe residents with a couple of perks. First off, the brick and mortar restaurant has incredibly low prices and an affordable menu. PBJ’s also have amiable staff, including owners Shane and Keen, who lives just across the street. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll find them at the restaurant and even have a small chat as you enjoy their signature sandwiches.


Though I didn’t find anything odd with PBJ’s, some of the foods need a little touch of spice. The classics might be doing well, but I still feel some sandwiches need revamping. Also, PBJ doesn’t have delivery services, which would be a great addition to those living away from 23rd street. I guess their main focus is still on the local scene, and delivery services might be set up for later.

Final Thoughts

PBJ’s Grilled has a revitalizing take on the old peanut butter and jelly, which I adore. The company’s concept of this should resonate with people and attract even more people. Having an organic preference for its ingredients helps bring out some unique flavors and textures. Dishes like the Spicy Thai have already acquired its lovers and featured on one of America’s top food TV channels. This restaurant will tingle your taste buds with unique flavors. That said, I’d recommend anyone near NW 23rd give PBJ’s Grilled a visit for some of the best treats and relive your childhood memories with its menu.

Disclaimer: Due to the current coronavirus crisis, PBJ’s is shut down until further notice. We hope they will open in the coming days if the COVID-19 global pandemic eases out.

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