Rec Tec vs Traeger Pellet Grills: Complete Comparison

When it comes to grilling, the options are wide apart. Some love smokeless grills, charcoal, and most will swear by wood pellets. Wood pellets are sought after due to their different source of trees as they also add the woody flavor without interfering with the meat’s natural flavor.

If you’ve been on pellet grills for long enough, then you definitely must have heard of Traeger and Rec Tec. Both grill manufacturers have a solid reputation for offering grill smokers of all sizes. With our comparison in this list, we look at Rec Tec and Traeger.

Rec tec and Traeger Compared

Temperature Control

Traeger was one of the few manufacturers to incorporate digital temperature screens on its grill. The screen has a dial on top of the lid. The red numbers on display are more comfortable to use at night or during pre-dawn hours when there isn’t enough light. 

Rec Tec also has its digital temperature screen, though it was released later. Interestingly, they have a Smart Grill technology feature, which lets you bring pre-set temperature levels in five-degrees increment. Furthermore, the technology will allow the set temperature to maintain its levels over a long period. 

We’ll call this a draw.

Grilling Area 

Cooking, especially grilling, needs quite some space when dealing with the whole family or a large group of people.

Rec Tec grill’s latest release has an excess of 700 square inches of cooking space, and it’s portable model cuts down space a bit.

Traeger takes this section to produce a wide array of grills, with some having extra shelves, which guarantees more space. The largest grill at Traegers has about a 1300-square foot of space. The company has segmented these grills to primary and secondary cooking surfaces, which can be a tad tiresome to decide which to grill on. The different surfaces also mean that you have to pay more. 

Traeger wins this one with a slight margin.

Build Quality and Construction

Both Rec tec and Traeger have excellent build on the grills. They outsource sturdy parts, tight fits, and excellent welding. The only line that separates the two comes from the materials used. 

Traeger features double-sided wall insulation and powder-coated steel for the grill’s frame. The handles are also made of steel, and porcelain makes up the grates. Higher-priced grills will have a steel grate along with a complete double-wall stainless steel interior. 

On the other hand, Rec Tec uses stainless steel on all its components except the heating rod, which has a ceramic construction that’ll last for about 300 years. The stainless steel is 304-grade and used to make the firepot, heat deflector, drip pan, and grates. In terms of longevity, Rec Tec looks like it can easily outlast its counterpart.  

304-grade stainless steel is rust-proof, and while coated stainless steel is free from rust too when the coating wears off, you might have rust issues. Rec Tec’s stainless steel construction also includes the inside of the grill instead of Traeger, which only has stainless steel on the outside.


Even as these two grill manufacturers have the best build and construction that would last longer, additional insurance comes in handy. A warranty gives customers the relief that they can rely on the manufacturer in case something odd happens. 

Rec Tec offers a 6-year warranty twice as much as the 3-year warranty offered at Traeger, consequently protecting your grill for longer.

Rec Tec’s preference is also strengthened by the terms included in its warranty. For instance, you still get covered no matter the type of wood pellet you choose.

Taeger’s warranty is only applicable when you use wood pellets and becomes void when using any other type of pellet. 

But warranty aside, Traeger knows that it offers excellent grills that are made to last or long. So, even with a shorter warranty, the grill can last for longer. 

Another tie.