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Old Spice PBJ’s Grilled Commercial


Just when you thought that the classic peanut butter and jelly couldn’t get any better, some brilliant minds brought together PBJ’s Grilled food cart in Portland, Oregon. This mobile PB&J restaurant seems to have nothing but rave reviews for creative takes on America’s favorite sandwich. Look out for concoctions such as the Oregonian with duck meat or the Spicy Thai PB&J with coconut shrimp.
— TripAdvisor
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Serious Eats

“The Spicy Thai from PBJ’s Grilled: Forget everything you know about peanut butter and jelly. Get anything on the menu, even the ones that sound like they don’t work. They do. The Spicy Thai has basil, orange marmalade and curry! I’m going to get one right now.”

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"PBJ’S Grilled is famous for its creative twists on the classic kiddie lunch, and the Good Morning does not disappoint. Cart-made peanut butter, applewood bacon, maple syrup, vibrant blueberry jam, 'and an egg ooze invitingly from between two slices of bread.

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“Although Oregon doesn’t have a state sandwich, per se, the best of the state does exist in one bite. PBJ’s Oregonian smears marionberry jam, Rogue Creamery blue cheese and Oregon hazelnut butter between two slices of buttery challah bread. And of course, since we’re in one of the most street-food-friendly cities in America, you get this oozy, heady creation from a food cart. Honorable mention goes to PBJ’s Good Morning sandwich, which marries peanut butter and jam with French toast and bacon, representing two other big-time Portlandia obsessions: pork and brunch.”

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“Peanut butter and jelly… combined with blue cheese and duck? Served at Portland, Oregon’s PBJ Grilled, this quirky version of the childhood classic is called the Oregonian. First, challah bread is spread with hazelnut butter. Then marionberry jam is layered on top. Next comes the best part… the blue cheese and pan-seared duck.”

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