In 2010 PBJ's was all over town telling anyone that would listen about our sandwich cart. Lucky enough, some of those folks we were promoting to were from the Willamette Week. They loved our concept and invited us to join Eat Mobile 2010 Food Cart Festival. This was our opening day and the first time we served our sandwiches to anyone; April 24, 2010.

Over 30 carts, most of them were the "who's-who" at that time on the scene! One of my faves: Whiffies Fried Pies - love love love his Chicken Pot Pie! Miss them so much! The festival was being judged by the International Association of Culinary Professionals; it was definitely a big deal and we were grateful to be invited. After an insane amount of sandwich building and lines that never seem to stop, it was done! We were so exhausted and so god damn happy that people got what we were doing. Seriously! To our surprise, we left that night coming in second to some of the greatest food carts in the city! We knew it was on! 

We opened our tiny food cart (4x6 ft., the one right under the counter) on NW 23rd & Kearney in May of 2010. We were hustling everyone on the street and slinging as many sandwiches as possible. After a short time we started to build our business and gain the respect of people for our sandwiches and culture. 


One of the best writers from the Oregonian, Sara Perry, wrote an amazing article on our sandwiches as well as Matt from the Willamette Week! It was happening, and so exciting. Lucky enough, people like Mark Zuckerberg showed up and enjoyed the Sweet Tart sandwich, and our great friend/supporter Jason at Widen & Kennedy decided to launch us in an Old Spice commercial - of course featuring the one & only Isaiah Amir Mustafa.

We kept rocking, being involved as much as we could in the community and serving sandwiches everywhere possible: WW's annual birthday celebration, Nike, Intel, Wieden & Kennedy, International Pinot Noir Celebration, Senator Merkly Family & Friends, Bite of Oregon. One of our favorite events that we threw was a beautiful PBJ's & Beer Pairing Party with Alex Gaunum from Upright Brewing!

In 2013 The Food Network showed up and asked us to film PBJ's Grilled for Eat Street, and we finally had our PBJ's Grilled Spicy Thai recipe go global! 


2013 big year! Expansion to a second cart! Our great friend and supporter Greg, from Whiffies Fried Pies, recommended us to join Cartopia on 12th & Hawthorne! Invitation only to this food cart pod. This meant we could share our sandwiches on the East Side! We loaded up our menu, added delicious meats and eggs to our sandwiches, and took the SE by storm! 


We kept pushing hard and kicking sandwich ass wherever we could. We opened our catering business and were lucky enough to cater for some of the most awesome businesses in PDX; we catered with the best carts in the city, Koi Fusion, Nongs Ka Mi Gai, Potato Champion, Salt & Straw, Pyro Pizza, Grilled Cheese Grill, Hungry Heart Bakery, Lardo, and Wolf & Bear. This is truly where our dream of building a community and supporting small businesses came true. 

Through 2010 to 2016 we were blessed to have some amazing articles written about us; The Oregonian, Portland Monthly, Willamette Week, The Mercury, Eater PDX, Bride & Groom and Serious Eats and some amazing independent writers. We have been humbled and blessed with our success. High Light For Us was the Serious Eats article where Rick Genechilli from Lardo ranked PBJ's Grilled Spicy Thai in his top 5. We have mad respect for him as a chef and of course love his sandwiches! Thanks to everyone who believed in us, our sandwiches and our business!

In 2016 we decided to start the journey of opening our first brick & mortar. We decided to close all food cart locations, shut down our catering company, and take a year off! Much needed, as we had been working 10- 15 hours a day for 7 years! Vaca here we come. After a year, we knew it was time to launch full speed ahead, and we started the process of opening our first restaurant. 


2018! PDX we love you, the food community, the farms, the food artisan's, the chef's and the people that have made us who we are! Our PBJ's Peeps have supported us through rain, ice, sleet, snow and blazing heat, standing in lines waiting for their fix! Without all of you this dream could not happen. We thank you from the bottom of our peanut butter heart & truly we are here because of you! 

Much love to: Ross, Billie Jo & family & Tabitha, Spencer, Casper & Family & Amado Lumba (Nike) Anne Nisbet (IPNC)  for going beyond in support & love!